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A Day In The Life Of Persephone

Title: Dear Diary
Author: fenixmagus
Word Count: 122 words
Rating: PG
Challenge: A Day In The Life Of...
Disclaimer:Muchas props to The Brothers. For entertainment purposes only.

Dear Diary,

Last night I had another dream about The One. He is so filled with love for his woman, I only wish I could have something like that.

I caught that dirty snake with another copper-top again. He always thinks I won't find out about all the girls he screws, but I always do. He always sends out one of his stupid lackeys to find him a fresh young thing to defile; it makes me sick. Just once I want to be loved.

Today he started ranting about the Oracle again. He so obsessed with her. Oracle this, Oracle that, Oracle, Oracle, Oracle. He thinks he knows where she is hiding; he wants her eyes for whatever reason. I think he's mad.
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