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Random Writing...Hope you like it.

Drabble: Heat
Author: Duckie Monroe
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Matrix
Pairing: Random OCs
Disclaimer: The basic ideas behind this fandom belong to the Gods, Andy and Larry. Please don't sue me. I have college loans!
Summary: A shower. A thought. A threat.

The heat engulfed her. The kind of heat that cleans you to the core. Half the time she just stood there, waiting until her skin had wrinkled before even thinking of soap. She had missed this. She could deal with the stale food. The dingy, dark hallways. She really missed being clean.

Zed knew that. That's why he created the program for her. Every now and then, he would look in on her. She knew that. She liked that. When she bit at the water, he knew it was meant for him.

Suddenly, the water flashed cold. A warning: sentinels.
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