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Drabble Mania!

Drabble: Reflections
Author: Duckie Monroe
Rating: G
Fandom: The Matrix
Disclaimer: The basic ideas behind this fandom belong to the Gods, Andy and Larry. Please don't sue me. I have college loans!
Summary: A view back through the looking glass.

Have you ever tried looking at the world through fresh blown glass? It's a little bit fuzzy and warped around the edges. That's the way I view my former life. The life I left behind. A very good life:

“Sara, time for the cotillion, are you ready?”

“Just a minute.”

From behind. “Hello Miss Coteek.”

“Who are you? How did you...mmph”

They had me. Agents. A small white room. A chair.

“Have a seat Miss Coteek, or should I say Yinna?”

How did he know? How could anyone know?

Then He came. My savior came. I chose red. No regrets.
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