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Challenge - Downtime on the Neb

Title: Relaxing
Author: Ophelia
Pairing: Trinity/Neo
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Challenge: Downtime on the Neb
Disclaimer: Zion and all characters belong to the "W"-brothers. No money was made on this; it was for entertainment purposes only.

The breaks in work came few and far between. But when they did come you took advantage. Trinity made her way to their quarters where she knew Neo would be waiting for her. These special moments were what kept her going now. Just Neo and their time together. Opening the door she saw him waiting for her in bed. With a smile she quickly disrobed and went into his arms. Long moments of kissing passed before Neo reached under her pillow and pulled out a book. Smiling she turned in his arms and nestled in for a good read.
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