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Reply to old Challenge

Title: Sanity
Author: Ophelia
Disclaimer: Zion and all characters belong to the "W"-brothers. No money was made on this; it was for entertainment purposes only.
Old Challenge - Unconventional or Unusual Pairing
Pairing: Trinity / Morpheus

She was conflicted and confused. She didn't love him, yet this was what kept her sane. It was never sex, the rules of conduct on ship needed to be followed. Instead it was time. Long moments of looks - he let the need show, she let her loneliness be seen. Most of the time was talk of knowledge learned that needed to be shared just incase The Matrix got you. The times she needed most were when they were alone and he would hold her. Keep her here and sane with primises that The One would come. It was time, "Morpheus...."
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