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Reply to an old challenge

Title: Computer Glitch
Author: Ophelia
Challenge: Crossovers - others fit into the Matrix
Disclaimer: Zion and all characters belong to the "W"-brothers. No money was made on this; it was for entertainment purposes only. The Sentinel belongs to Pet Fly.
Notes: This is how the TV show The Sentinel would fit into The Matrix

Jim cried out as his throat was cleared of the tub. Everything hurt the sounds, the sights, smells and ever the taste of the fluid which pulled around his body. It was overwhelming. By the time he was on board the ship he was wondering why he had taken that damned pill. The he saw Morpheus' face and Blair beside him. Blair was already working on him even as others were drying him off. It wasn't over. The senses were still there. Still on line - it hadn't been a computer glitch. He wanted to curl up and die at that.
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