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Downtime on the Neb

Drabble: Brush Strokes
Written for: Challenge #1: Downtime on the Neb
Author: duckie_monroe
Character: Random OC
Disclaimer: From concepts by Larry and Andy Wachowski.

She hungrily stroked her hairbrush. A wooden thing with wire made by her hand.

Thirteen-hour shifts were not like what they used to be. Before Neo a girl could get an hour or two of sleep and never worry over warnings or dripping drool on the controls. Now, with all the increased sentinel activity, no one slept let alone slept well.

She meticulously brushed each flowing strand of jet-black hair. The motion calmed her. As the disentanglement neared its dreaded end, a peaceful sigh reached her lips. She might not sleep but maybe she could at least have some ease.
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