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FIC: "The Tidings Brought to Zion" -- Councillor Hamann's Thoughts

This is part of a possible series of short (~100 words) fics, all of them taking place at the end or just after the end of "Revolutions", all of them describing the thoughts and internal feelings of various characters when the war ends and the cycle of struggle between man and machine stops. I'm starting off with Councillor Hamann, since he's a really great character, sort of like the small-town homely sage or the crusty but kind-hearted high school janitor, but he never gets much fic coverage, which in my eyes is a terrible oversight... So, I thought I'd give his POV first...

Title: "The Tidings Brought to Zion": Councillor Hamann's Thoughts

Author: "Matrix Refugee"

Rating: G

Notes: From my personal LJ: "My mom and I had one of our semi-weekly (bi-weekly? tri-weekly??) Bible study sessions, just reading from the Gospels and talking about it, no major exegetical ramblings [...]. And of course, my "Matrix" obsession kicked in. Earlier today, I was reading the article "Finding God in the 'Matrix'" in [Glenn Yeffeth's] "Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in 'The Matrix'", and part of that article found paralells, not just between Christ and Neo, or Judas Iscariot and Cypher (the most obvious) but other Biblical paralells with some of the "Matrix" characters: Morpheus is similar to John the Baptizer, the herald of the Messiah; Trinity is similar to Mary Magdalen, the woman who loved Christ; Tank is similar to St. Peter ("Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Most High" = "He's the ONE!!"). I thought of another one: Councillor Hammann, in "Reloaded" is somewhat similar to Simeon, the old man who had asked God to let him live to see the face of the Messiah. So... and some people might consider this blasphemous, but it really isn't: the Wachowskis borrowed a line from Isaiah and used it in the script, Morpheus's "I dreamed a dream, and now that dream is taken from me". ... I'm taking Simeon's "Now Thou canst dismiss Thy servant..." speech [Luke 2:29-32] and adapting it into a very short "Matrix" fic, Hammann's thoughts when the war with the machines is resolved... I think it's quite clever!

* * * * * * * * *

The war ended as no one had anticipated: the machines drew back, realizing the futility of fighting. As Zion's caverns echoed with rejoicing as the people celebrated with an intensity never seen before, Councillor Hamann, chief Priest of the Temple, retired alone to a grotto, offering a silent prayer of thanksgiving:

Now I can pass on in peace, All Mighty Power, because I've seen both humankind's and machinekind's deliverence, which the One manifested before all people, organic and mechanical: A light to enlighten both Machines and humans, and a peaceful resolution of this conflict for the people of Zion and 01.

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