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Matrix 100
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The Matrix 100 Challenge.

Here are the rules.

1. Every Sunday we give you a topic.
2. You have till the next Sunday to post your answer to the challenge.
3. Any pairings are allowed. So is slash.
4. Entries don't have to be exactly one hundred words but it is nice to meet the challenge. Please don't go way over though (anything over 200 is TOO MUCH).
5. Post your responses as new entries.
6. Simple Template when posting...

Title (if applicable)
Word Count
Characters (unless it's a surprise or not important)
Adult Content/Slash ?
Author notes
<*lj-cut text="title"*>
Your Writing goes here

Just Remove the *'s from the Lj-cut

7. You may post more than one answer to the challenge

8. Matrix means The Matrix and its sequels....all characters. Please stick to that. Thanks.

9. If you have a problem contact your maintainer.

10. Have Fun!